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Measurement Systems

Both for technology and for management, a robust database is an essential basis for the decision-making process. Missing or incorrect information leads to decisions that can be disadvantageous to a company. That said, it is not always easy to obtain good data. In process engineering, getting the best data requires a profound understanding of how the related processes, plants, products, and systems function. A deeper understanding is always based on reliable data that is obtained by taking proper measurements.

With its engineering knowledge in the areas of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat and mass transfer, HINE analyzes the underlying problem and identifies the optimal measuring points, measuring methods, and measuring instruments most suited to the job. We also assist our clients in evaluating and interpreting the data obtained from these measurements and advise them on finding a customized solution. In doing so, we develop long-term and value-creating strategies to address their underlying questions.

Tests and Experimental Set-ups

Depending on the measurement task, it might be necessary to develop an appropriate test or an experimental set-up. These measuring systems can be integrated into existing production infrastructure or they can be stand-alone systems. After a preliminary analysis of the measurement task and an assessment of which measurement method and technology is needed, our engineers design individualized systems to complete the task.

In addition to designing a suitable measuring system for the respective application and the specification of the measuring technology, we also monitor its construction and its overall integration into higher-level systems. At the request of our customers, we can also develop the operating and measuring software for these measuring systems based on the widely used programming environment LabView from National Instruments. With the applications programmed in LabView, essential measurement data can be displayed, the measurement system can be controlled, measurement data can be recorded and archived, and measurement data can be evaluated directly. Thanks to the flexibility of LabView, individual customer requirements can be met fully.

We are there for you in developing solutions to optimize measurement!

  • Process monitoring & control
  • Product testing & quality assurance
  • Research & development
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Cost-effectiveness

Tailor-made data acquisition through customized measurement systems has many different applications. Process engineering processes are monitored and controlled based on measurement data. Furthermore, quantifiable quality checks are applied to the product, or the product-in-progress, based on utilizing measurement systems.

In research and development, measuring systems are often used which were specially developed for the underlying measuring task. In systems at risk of failure, predictive maintenance procedures are increasingly being used to avoid expensive breakdowns and to minimize maintenance costs. Ultimately, a robust database not only helps technicians and engineers but it also helps management to know the true cost of an application and to make long-lasting decisions.

In measurement systems, we assess the reliability of the measuring chain based on the FMEA procedure (failure mode and effect analysis). Based on our knowledge of measurement technology, determination of system measurement accuracy and error propagation, we assess the measurement concept and find ways to reduce its susceptibility to errors. In this way, we contribute to the quality assurance of our customers to guarantee the broadest possible security for their products and their security. The tasks in which the use of measurement technology is essential are therefore varied.

Talk to us, regardless of the task you are facing.  Whether it is fluctuating quality in your production, optimizing your products, or trying to assess the true costs of a certain process, we will support you in solving the task at hand!