Swiss Quality

10. June 2022

“Aufrichte” of a multi-purpose production plant

After the successful and on-time mechanical completion of the expansion of a multi-purpose production plant, HINE project manager Rafael Sucre receives a small gift from the team during the “Aufrichte”. HINE AG handled the complete engineering in the project, from preliminary planning (CD) to execution planning (DD). Furthermore, the purchasing department was technically supervised and the incoming goods and the warehouse were managed. The construction site was also managed until completion of the pipeline construction. Currently, the installation inspection (IQ) is still taking place.

In view of the tense situation in the supply chains due to the current crises, the on-time completion is a commendable achievement. Therefore, a big praise to Rafael Sucre who did everything possible to successfully complete the project part of the HINE.

Also a big thank you to all project stakeholders (Siegfried Holding AG, Qualinox AG, Bilfinger Industrial Services Schweiz AG, Hetramo AG, W. Christen AG), without whose active and reliable cooperation, this success would not have been possible.

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