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01. March 2022

Conformity of systems and their verification

The conformity of systems with regard to the requirements of the applicable national guidelines in Switzerland is a topic that comes up again and again and that HINE, as a Swiss system planner and engineering service provider, has to deal with. As part of the bilateral agreement on the mutual recognition of conformity assessments, Switzerland has adopted all EU directives relevant to plant construction, such as the Machinery Directive, the Pressure Equipment Directive, the ATEX Directive and the Low Voltage and EMC Directives. Nevertheless, there are peculiarities that must be taken into account due to the transfer of the guidelines into national law (keyword assembly conformity).

As planners, we regularly evaluate which of the regulations mentioned apply in a specific case. We carry out risk analyzes and calculations that are obligatory for the conformity assessment. In the case of existing systems, we also assess whether there have been any significant changes during conversions and whether the conformity must therefore be reassessed or not. We support manufacturers and distributors of systems in the conformity assessment process and take the necessary measures into account when planning the respective project.

HINE attended the SGVC event “Conformity of systems and their verification”. The contents presented confirm the correctness of our approach. Both for new plants and for existing plants, our interpretation of the regulations and our approach correspond to the requirements of market surveillance.

If you are looking for support in evaluating your system for compliance with the requirements of the EU directives, please contact us. We would also be happy to advise you in the early planning phase so that expensive mistakes can be avoided. Contact us. Andreas Hirschmann is at your disposal for an advisory discussion.

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