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18. November 2021

Dr. Andreas Hirschmann, Managing Director of HINE, attentively follows the statements made by Diego Modolell, Head of Gas / District Heating at SVGW, at the SVGW Roadshow 2021 in Basel

In the coming years, gas network operators will be confronted with new challenges due to the efforts of politicians to further decarbonise the energy supply. Changing the gas composition by feeding hydrogen and biogas into the existing natural gas infrastructure is a key challenge that suppliers must face to adapt their infrastructure to the new conditions in a timely manner. But also, an overall more flexible use of the gas network is required. Use of the gas infrastructure as energy storage in an increasingly fluctuating energy market is associated with technical issues.

As a specialized engineering service provider in the fields of process engineering and plant construction, HINE AG offers the right tools in this environment to support the operators of the supply networks with this transition. In addition to the technical feasibility, the profitability of the necessary investments is a central point that must be considered. We support network operators with well-founded and robust advice to make economically and technically sustainable decisions. Contact us if you want to act and not react. Andreas Hirschmann is at your disposal for further discussions.

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