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08. August 2022

EKAS 6282 – Occupational safety and health protection in the handling of gas vehicles

With its new, freely available information brochure EKAS 6282, the EKAS provides information on occupational safety when handling gas vehicles. When handling these vehicles, the employer is responsible for ensuring that work on the vehicles is carried out in his company by qualified employees and with the correct safety precautions. In particular, the legal regulations on explosion protection must be observed.

Through its partnership with IVECO, HINE is already thoroughly familiar with the challenges faced by operators of commercial vehicle workshops where work is carried out on vehicles with gas or electric drives. HINE has developed a suitable, Suva- and EKAS-compliant protection concept for handling gas-powered vehicles and has already implemented it at various IVECO plants and those of its partners. The HINE protection concept includes all gas vehicle types (H2, CNG and LNG).

Please contact us if you are confronted with safety challenges due to the hazards of flammable gases or high-voltage systems in your company. We will be happy to help you protect your employees from accidents and meet your legal duty of care. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding consultation.

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