Swiss Quality

17. March 2023

From the P&I diagram to the finished plant

Nine HINE employees attended the practical seminar “From the P&ID diagram to the finished plant” at INRA Group AG in Pratteln. It was very interesting for our engineers and designers to get a closer understanding of the view of a plant manufacturer on the project execution. Also the presentations of avintos AG and Sikla GmbH about their product range and their further scope of services provided some interesting insights. Especially for our thermomechanics and design engineers, the presentation on Roche pipe classes was also extremely exciting.
All in all, another great event of the SGVC.

We would like to thank all the organizers and SGVC for hosting the event “From P&I Schematic to Finished Plant”.

We think it is great that an interdisciplinary exchange is regularly provided here, knowledge is transported and a platform is offered for the continuous development of the network necessary for plant design and construction.

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