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23. May 2022

HINE at the SVGW Hydrogen 2022 symposium

Many thanks to Diego Modolell, Vice Director and Division Manager Gas and District Heating of SVGW, and his team for organizing the Hydrogen 2022 symposium at the Kongresshaus Biel. In addition to very interesting presentations on the current status and the potential outlook in the topic of “Hydrogen for Energy Supply”, the event also offered a variety of opportunities for professional exchange and networking.

Clean hydrogen plays a central role in the European Union’s Green Deal. Storage and transport of renewable energy remains one of the major challenges of the planned energy transition. In order to be able to transport large quantities of renewable energy, as will be needed in the future, from the producers to the consumers, the existing natural gas infrastructure is to be converted for use with hydrogen. The plan is to gradually increase the proportion of hydrogen in natural gas and, in the final stage, to transport pure hydrogen. Switzerland as an island in the European market is not excluded from this development. The gas will be imported from the European market and the Swiss operators of gas networks will have to come to terms with the delivered gas composition.

The use of the gas infrastructure for the transport of hydrogen solves a number of problems, but creates new challenges. For example, in the future, network operators will have to deal with issues of material conversion, the rededication of their plants for hydrogen, and the associated changes in risks – classic disciplines of process engineering.

As a specialist planner and engineering service provider in the field of process technology, HINE supports the companies concerned with the issues that arise. For network operators, it is important to know the right contact person and to involve experts in the field of process engineering at an early stage so that the activities are target-oriented and no unnecessary costs are incurred. If you are confronted with the above mentioned challenge, please contact us. We will certainly help you.

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