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18. February 2022

HINE develops your experiment or test bench

For many technical questions, the properties of an object must be examined or tested. It must be possible to carry out these examinations or tests in a reproducible manner under defined conditions. In addition, a suitable selection of sensors at the right points in the system is necessary in order to gain the desired knowledge about the properties of the examined object. In-depth knowledge of the technical context is required to create an efficient experimental or test setup.

The engineers at HINE develop experiments and test benches that record the essential technical properties of the object to be examined. With the experience and knowledge of the HINE experts, the technical relationships are recorded and described. Test setups are developed on the basis of the established principles. The correct measuring points in the system are also identified and the measuring technology is specified so that helpful information about the object to be examined can be gained. HINE supports you in the specification, development, construction and operation of your test bench from A to Z.

Regardless of whether you need to carry out tests for product development, a production-related test for quality assurance or an inspection based on specified norms and standards – HINE is your competent partner. With our broad and deep technical expert knowledge, we develop the experiment or test stand suitable for your problem. Even extreme conditions such as low or high temperatures, pressures, densities, viscosities, etc. do not represent an insurmountable challenge for us.

Are you looking for answers to your questions? Lars Neff is at your disposal as a competent contact for further information.

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