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18. November 2022

HINE Future Day 2022

Our society lacks engineers. The skills of engineers are needed to master the great technical challenges of our time. For many kids (and adults, too), however, the engineering profession is difficult to grasp. Often there is a not very realistic idea of the everyday work of an engineer, who is perceived by the public as mainly dealing with mathematical issues and working out something or other in a quiet room. However, the engineering profession is associated with many exciting, creative and varied activities and, at least in the project business, there is also a pronounced social component.

It cannot be early enough to get young people excited about the engineering profession. To ensure that other career choices are not pursued due to misconceptions, we have decided to hold a Future Day. In it, we teach the children about the everyday working life of an engineer and together they go through the various phases of a project to plan a process engineering plant. The response of the participants was great and we also had a lot of fun. For this reason, we will hold a Future Day every year in the future to promote the engineering profession.

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