Swiss Quality

17. November 2020

HINE is now a member of the Swiss Society of Process and Chemical Engineers

HINE has proudly joined the Swiss Society of Process and Chemical Engineers, or SGVC, for short. As an engineering service provider with a focus on process engineering, we know the breadth of this discipline. It is not for nothing that the SGVC is divided into several specialist groups, such as plant engineering, training, automation, biotechnology, energy, reaction technology, and can address different subject areas on its own.

No engineer, regardless of his or her expansive training and experience, can service every different engineering area alone. This is why the team spirit found at HINE is the foundation on which we develop safe and efficient applications and systems for our customers. Through our membership in the SGVC, we promise to actively share our experiences in the industry with others to further improve our services and the industry as a whole.

For us, it is important to know the right contact person to ask about unusual cases to identify optimal procedures for which applications should be developed to best serve our customers. We are also always looking to convince the brightest young talents to join our team. To do so, we maintain on-going contact with teaching and research institutions in the fields of process engineering and plant construction.

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