Swiss Quality

06. December 2021

HINE is the premium engineering service provider for all unusual issues in process engineering, plant planning and plant construction

The engineers at HINE, with their extensive experience in process engineering, plant design and plant construction, are repeatedly confronted with unusual questions in their assignments. Cryogenics, for example, is a niche in process engineering and deals with processes that take place below -150 ° C. This is where the good training of the HINE engineers pays off. In addition to broad and well-founded knowledge in specialist areas such as process engineering, chemistry, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, plant engineering and much more, a creative and solution-oriented way of working is also required.

You can find this at your premium engineering service provider, HINE. So if you have an unusual question that has to do with the handling and conversion of gaseous, liquid or solid substances and you cannot find an off-the-shelf solution, give us a call. We are happy to help you with our competent team and work out a sustainable and economically advantageous solution for you.

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