Swiss Quality

30. October 2020

HINE opens a new branch in Zofingen – citing its proximity to customers as a top priority

Understanding the needs of our customers is what sets HINE apart from most of our competitors. Our excellent engineering knowledge lays the foundation, but we have seen how it’s the embeddedness of our work processes with the corporate strategy and the technical development potential of our customers that leads to solutions that offer sustainable benefits and ensure lasting competitive advantages.

Getting to know the goals of our customers and learning about their framework conditions requires an intensive exchange of information. No analysis of files alone can replace personal conversations with the managers, engineers, and employees of our clients and partners. Direct communication helps us better comprehend their needs and develop plans and strategies that take those needs into account. Our customers expect quick response times and short distances. For this reason, HINE has decided to open a branch in the Pharmapark in Zofingen. This new location in Aargau along with our main Münchenstein location just outside Basel in the Dreispitz area gives us an additional way to meet our own high standards for supporting our customers every day in every way.

When questions regarding process engineering or plant construction arise and need to be answered by real engineers, we are the right people to contact. We are happy to visit our customers on-site and wherever our support is needed. Whether in Zofingen, in Münchenstein (or even in the Cloud), we look forward to welcoming new potential customers.

In view of current events, we are committed to meeting our societal obligations to help inhibit the spread of the corona virus. Whenever we have in-person contact both within and outside of HINE, we follow appropriate safety measures, such as wearing a face mask. Despite our priority to have a close working relationship with all our customers, we understand the importance of keeping a safe distance from our conversation partners. We are also completely digital and can always be reached through multiple channels.

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