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06. November 2020

HINE: proudly entrusted with specialized aspects of the University of Zurich’s new high-pressure laboratory

HINE is proud to have been entrusted with the procedural planning of the University of Zurich’s new highpressure laboratory located in Irchel. This highpressure laboratory will be used by the Institute of Chemistry for its research work in the near futureSpecifically, it will enable the close examination of chemical reactions in autoclaves that reach pressures up to 1,000 bars. In addition to hydrogenation, other chemical reactions will also be investigated in this new high-pressure laboratory using a wide variety of gaseous substances. 

This demanding research requires careful and reliable programming of the technical system we useHigh pressure and the resulting chemical reactions in the autoclave put high demands on the layout and design of the system. Furthermore, the use of flammable gases, e.g. hydrogen, along with the urgent need for protection against explosion must be taken into account. Since toxic and environmentally harmful gases are used or can arise in processing, occupational safety and environmental protection must also be taken into account in the planning. 

HINE has been entrusted with this extraordinary task thanks to its in-depth knowledge in the areas of process engineering, plant planning, explosion protection, occupational safety and air pollution control. The entire HINE team is proud to bring its expertise, knowledge, and experience to the planning of this flagship project. 

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