Swiss Quality

16. December 2021

HINE takes care of your critical infrastructure

Production in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries depends on a reliable infrastructure. A failure of the infrastructure often means that production also comes to a standstill. Thats expensive. Not only does the production downtime cost money, entire batches may have to be discarded. To ensure that there is no undesirable downtime in production, it must be regularly checked, renewed and, if necessary, expanded.

The engineers at HINE carefully analyze the existing situation in order to identify any necessary replacement of system components in good time. Changed framework conditions such as the requirements of environmental and climate protection as well as changed manufacturing processes and production capacities are also taken into account. Energy saving opportunities and further optimizations are recognized.

Careful planning ultimately leads to the adaptation of the infrastructure, if possible even during operation.
Talk to us if you want to modernize your infrastructure.

Jonas Allegrini will be happy to provide you with further information. We will be happy to show you the possibilities to achieve your goals and oversee the infrastructure adjustments during the entire planning and implementation.

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