Swiss Quality

29. August 2022

HINE wins 3:2

At the annual summer party of the HINE we held a Grümpelturnier this year. Meanwhile the team of the HINE is big enough that we could form two full-fledged teams despite a few absences. The HINE had with itself then also a strong opponent on the field.
The commitment on the field of each team member was great, as we are used to from our projects for the planning of process plants, so that a quite respectable game was played. There were no injuries.
Many thanks to the entire HINE team for your continued and outstanding commitment both inside and outside of our projects. The design of process plants is a complex undertaking that can only be successfully accomplished by a well-coordinated team with talent, knowledge, experience and, last but not least, commitment. You demonstrate these skills time and time again.

Dedicated 2 Efficiency!