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17. February 2023

Oligonucleotide production

Research in biochemistry has made great progress in recent years. In the coming years, oligonucleotides, or more generally oligomers, will play an increasingly important role in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Planners of process plants for pharmaceutical production, such as HINE AG, must be prepared for the special requirements of such plants.

Dr. Christoph Schreiber and Dr. Jonas Allegrini, two engineers from HINE AG, took part in the seminar organized by the Process Engineering Oligonucleotide Production Division. Many thanks at this point to the organizers of the event for the opportunity for further training and the very interesting exchange of experiences with colleagues from the industry.

From HINE AG’s point of view, the production of oligomers does make additional demands. However, the foundation of solid planning and a successful project is and remains good project management and controlling as well as planning by expert engineers and designers using modern planning methods such as BIM. HINE AG offers all of this and we have already proven in our projects that we can guarantee far above-average quality as plant designers in our projects, even under time pressure.

Whether it is a normal time frame or a ‘fast track’ project, contact us if you want to execute your order in regulated processes and avoid costly planning errors.

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