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07. September 2022

Something about media!

A functioning media supply and disposal system is essential for the reliable operation of process engineering production plants. Production often focuses on the main process that is carried out in its facilities. The infrastructure that provides the necessary auxiliary materials and energy and safely removes and disposes of waste materials quickly loses focus.

However, a failure of the infrastructure often results in a production standstill, which is associated with high costs. HINE, as a planner of process plants and engineering service provider with a focus on process technology, knows the relevant interfaces between the main process and the supply and disposal. We support our clients in identifying critical infrastructure in existing plants, determining the probability of failure and developing measures to reduce the probability of failure or to renew obsolete infrastructure.

We support you both as part of an owner’s engineering in the evaluation and optimization of your infrastructure and as a planner in the usual project phases from preliminary planning to commissioning. We also actively support you as troubleshooters in the event of acute problems with your infrastructure. Are you interested in an engineering company that is also interested in your infrastructure? At HINE you get real engineers. Contact us, we are at your disposal for a non-binding consultation.

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