Swiss Quality

15. September 2022

Test trolley for the calibration of measuring systems for cryogenic liquids and liquefied carbon dioxide

A test standard is required for the calibration of measuring systems used in legal metrology. HINE has developed and manufactured such a test standard for the calibration of LNG tank farms and filling stations for cryogenic liquefied industrial gases and liquefied carbon dioxide.
The HINE LM-0011 test standard is a compact mobile test cart on four casters with contact protection from the cold piping and surfaces when operating with cryogenic fluids. A Coriolis flowmeter from Endress+Hauser enables measurement of mass flow through the test standard as well as monitoring of process temperature. A control fitting was installed downstream of the meter to adjust the flow rate. Two pressure measuring points, vent lines and safety valves each are symmetrically arranged around the control armature to monitor process conditions and guarantee process safety.
HINE offers engineering, procurement, manufacturing as well as approval of the test standard also under user-defined specifications in consultation with the client. The scope of supply includes complete technical documentation incl. operating instructions and a manufacturer’s declaration of conformity in accordance with the Machinery Directive, Pressure Equipment Directive and ATEX Product Directive, which can also be used for approval procedures carried out by the customer.

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