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Plant construction

Success through proximity.

Through close cooperation with the trades and suppliers involved in the project, we handle your construction site efficiently.

A planned plant is finally built and put into operation so that the desired process can be carried out and production can start. Only after production has started does the plant generate the planned benefits and the investment made has a positive effect on the company’s results. In order to avoid any surprises during the execution of a planned plant, it must be well prepared and implemented. We take care of the realization of your plant and coordinate both the procurement process, the executing trades and the commissioning, so that your investment pays off promptly.

Plant construction involves a large number of different suppliers and executing trades. Plant components are procured and tested, the flow of materials on the construction site is organized and the trades are coordinated. Here, pipe fitters, ESMR installers, construction workers and other trades work to complete the plant. To ensure that these activities are orchestrated efficiently, good, coordinated execution planning and close cooperation with the various suppliers and trades are required. In this way, unforeseen events can be responded to promptly without jeopardizing the overall planning.

Our construction managers are familiar with the processes on the construction site and ensure that everything runs smoothly through good and clean organization. The aim is to ensure that the plant is implemented in accordance with the execution planning and that any issues that arise are resolved quickly and in a targeted manner. We offer the central interface in the organization of the plant construction, so that the planned functional scope of the plant, the deadlines as well as the budget are kept. We realize your plant and take care of procurement, construction and commissioning.


Based on the implementation planning, the specified plant components are procured and the executing trades are commissioned. We make inquiries with potential suppliers, compare the offers received and organize the procurement of the required supplies and services. However, the procurement process does not end with the placement of an order.

The ordering process must be monitored so that delays can be identified in good time and countermeasures can be taken. Incoming deliveries must be checked, complaints handled and the flow of goods at the construction site organized. We set up and manage your construction site warehouse. We organize the flow of goods on site so that all components are available on time at the construction site and can be processed.

Construction and commissioning

With HINE’s construction management, your plant will be realized according to plan, on schedule and on budget.

HINE’s inventory management is the foundation of a well-structured construction site.

During the construction of a plant, many different executing trades are on site. The apparatuses are set, the piping construction is carried out and the ESMR technology is installed. Structural measures are also carried out. To ensure that these activities are efficiently orchestrated, well-coordinated planning is required.

We ensure a smooth process and forward-looking organization during the construction of a plant. We take care of the coordination of the trades involved in the construction site.

After completion of the plant, it is put into operation step by step. Here, too, forward planning is essential to avoid unwanted surprises. Therefore, we accompany factory acceptance tests (FAT) and site acceptance tests (SAT) of the critical components of the plant and coordinate the adjustment of the components, if required.

During commissioning of the entire plant, not only the individual plant components, but also the entire plant must function as desired and deliver the planned production output. When it comes to the interaction of individual components, difficulties can arise during commissioning, as interactions can be difficult to predict. With the experience of our engineers, we find the causes and eliminate the existing problems so that the production plant delivers the performance defined in the specifications.

Only after successful commissioning of the plant and working off all open pending issues, the final state is reached and the as-built documentation can be issued. We hand over to you a complete plant documentation in which all conformities with applicable rules and regulations have also been taken into account.

Advantages of HINE

  • Experienced construction managers know the processes on the construction site and work closely and intensively with suppliers and trades.
  • Efficient goods logistics support a smooth process on the construction site and in the execution of the project.
  • Continuous schedule, cost and progress tracking to know the current status of the project at all times.


Dr. Christoph Schreiber is at your disposal for a consultative discussion.