Swiss Quality

Process Engineering & Technology

Process engineering is the engineering discipline that deals with all operations that change the type, properties or composition of various substances. It is, therefore, a wide-ranging topic employing various engineering tools. Questions addressed by our process engineers are extremely complex and are only rarely repeated so answers cannot simply be pulled out of a drawer. In-depth knowledge, extensive experience and thorough analysis of the question at hand are crucial to finding optimal solutions for our clients.

HINE has organizational and technical structures that enable our employees to master new challenges quickly and efficiently. With proven expertise in chemical, mechanical, and thermal process engineering, our engineers have the necessary knowledge and engineering tools to ensure efficient, solution-oriented project work. In addition to these tools, our engineers also have the project management expertise to ensure that project work is completed on time and within budget.

Project Management

Before a system can be mechanically designed, structurally planned and then finally realized, process engineering and technology must be carried out. We design the process, create flow diagrams as well as the piping and instrument diagrams, carry out process engineering calculations and specify the components of the system.

We offer support during the entire project process, including:

  • preliminary planning studies
  • decision-making and assessment of technical ideas
  • numerical flow and process simulations
  • project planning and budgeting
  • concept engineering
  • basic engineering
  • detailed engineering
  • project execution and supervision during the implementation of the project or the realization of the plant
  • putting the plant into operation

Comprehensible Documentation

Clean and comprehensible documentation is a very important part of our work. The documents produced by HINE meet the highest expectations any client may have in fulfilling regulatory requirements such as applying GMP guidelines (good manufacturing practice) of the pharmaceutical industry or implementing the ATEX guidelines in explosion protection. We take a self-critical look at our documents with the aim of setting the standard in the field of technical documentation. We fully comply with all legal requirements for the storage of these documents.

With the help of this detailed documentation, plants and mechanical engineering companies have everything in hand to execute their plans as designed. We can also begin to support projects at this phase. We can take over project supervision, guide clients through factory acceptance tests (FATs) and site acceptance tests (SATs), and put their plants into full operation. We can become the contact person for our client and successfully handle the entire end phase of the project.

HINE has indeed made a name for itself as a problem solver in many sectors and has even been successful in putting stalled projects back on track.