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Risk Assessment

In both Switzerland and EU member states, legislation addressing safety in process engineering plants and their affiliated machines requires the implementation of risk assessments and the adoption of adequate safety measures to reduce any associated risks. Anyone bringing a device to market or operating a system or machine has the legal obligation to conform to the applicable guidelines. Any distributor or operator not complying with these mandatory obligations is liable in the event of damages. Those responsible are often not even aware of this danger and, unwittingly, take enormous legal risks. It is consequently advisable to listen to the counsel of competent specialists to clarify what obligations you have as a distributor or operator of these systems and machines. Fortunately, we have such specialists at HINE.

Talk to us so that we can clarify whether or not you are fulfilling all of your legal obligations. If we determine a need for action, we will support you in identifying any potential threats to people or to the environment. By taking suitable mitigating measures, you will reduce any unwanted outcomes, or the likelihood of their occurrence, and mount a secure, legal defense for you and your company.

Engineering Approval

The legislature does not always grant distributors or operators of plants or machines the authorization to declare their own conformity with the applicable guidelines and regulations. In this case, an approval process usually has to be undertaken by one or more authorities. Complete and flawless documentation is an important pre-requisite for this.

For our customers, we clarify the requirements asked by the authorities involved and create a catalog of these requirements. We coordinate the documentation effort required for the approval process with the various trades involved in the project and compile the necessary documentation in full. We submit these documents and applications on time and accompany our clients through the approval process by nurturing constructive communication with the authorities. Through our government engineering, our clients save time and money when trying to realize any investment requiring official approval.

We can help you identify risks and take countermeasures.

  • ISO 12100
  • ATEX
  • FMEA

Depending on the specific application and phase in the development of a plant, different methods are used to assess any potential risks posed by the plant.  We support our customers in performing risk assessments of process engineering plants.  Among other things, we have the necessary expertise to carry out safety assessments following HAZOP or PAAG procedures, risk assessments following ISO 12100, and assessments concerning explosion protection per ATEX operating guidelines 1999/92 /EG (ATEX 137) or ATEX product guidelines 2014/34 /EU (ATEX 114).  Thanks to the technical expertise of our employees, we can develop suitable measures to minimize any risks we uncover and to ensure the safe operation of the system.