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Our Approach to Service

Our customers’ success and satisfaction always take center stage for us. For our collaboration to be a success, we must share a clear understanding of our customers’ goals for a particular project and their company overall. This common understanding is the foundation of successful project management and we begin building it at our very first meeting with a new customer. Extensive discussions follow in which our experts evaluate the initial situation and the aims of the envisaged project. We attach great value to describing these aims using the most comprehensive wording possible. This is how we ensure that we have understood our tasks correctly and that we will satisfy our customers with lasting solutions for them.

Once the tasks and the goals have been defined, we develop strategies to achieve these goals as efficiently as possible. The chosen strategy and how it will be implemented  — with which work packages and at what cost — will then be presented to the customer. Setting realistic schedules and project milestones is the next topic to discuss and refine until we agree with our customers on a robust and satisfying offer.

Fluid-based Mechanical Engineering

HINE is an engineering service provider with a focus on fluid-based mechanical engineering, which is also known as “warm mechanical engineering.” By this, we generally mean applications involving fluid, regardless of the actual temperature of the application. For example, cryotechnology with its temperatures below ‑150 ° C is also a sub-sector of “warm mechanical engineering.” By focusing on fluid-based applications, our engineering team has acquired in-depth expert knowledge and extensive experience in the areas of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat and mass transfer. We successfully use these skills to competently solve even the most difficult questions our customers pose.

We give you clear answers about our areas of expertise!

  • Process Engineering & Technology
  • Cryotechnology
  • Measurement Systems
  • Risk Assessment
  • Technical Advice

Our structured, fact-based, and creative way of solving difficulties is appreciated by our clients from a broad range of industries (chemical, pharmaceutical, logistics, automotive, measurement, industrial gases) as well as research institutes. With our knowledge and experience, we offer efficient answers for both theoretical questions and practical applications. As a competent partner, we offer an entire portfolio of engineering services to optimally support our customers in every phase of a project. This includes, among other things, creating concepts, studies, and plans, developing processes and procedures, conducting investigations, taking measurements as well as completing entire projects. Our project managers also ensure the smooth, cost-effective, and timely execution of the final project.

Even in the regulatory environment, our engineers shine with their extensive specialist knowledge and comprehensive understanding of relevant guidelines, standards, and regulations. We prepare the necessary expert reports, risk analyzes, and explosion protection documents. What is more, we accompany our customers throughout the approval procedures for plants and can handle the coordination with authorities on their behalf.

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