Swiss Quality

The Company

HINE was founded in April 2016 as a publicly-traded technology and engineering company. We have since established ourselves as a competent and reliable partner for our customers both in research fields and in various industries such as the pharmaceutical, automotive, measurement technology, and industrial gases industries. Thanks to our innovative and efficient solutions, our customers enjoy lasting benefits from our services. We don’t just focus on serving one industry or one branch. Rather, we see the fields of process engineering, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics as the focus of our work. As passionate engineers, we use the tools of our disciplines masterfully and can handle interdisciplinary questions from a wide variety of industries and can develop value-creating solutions for our customers.

We often work on complex and non-recurring tasks for which we have to develop unique solutions. We respond individually to all of our customers’ requests because they all deserve customized solutions to their specific problems. We pride ourselves on our passion for engineering technology, our open and easy way of communicating, and our ability to work closely and cooperatively with our customers. We trust we will also be able to fulfill your needs to your complete satisfaction.

We are there for you

Our goal is to create lasting value for our customers that increases performance and ensures long-term business success. With the support of our experts, our customers can continue to concentrate on their core businesses while simultaneously benefiting from our specialized knowledge. Our mission is to help our customers with even the most unusual questions and to design tailor-made solutions together with them.

HINE’s Fresh Ideas

At HINE, we see ourselves as a young company full of fresh ideas. We do not think conventionally. On the contrary, we are motivated to come up with innovative, future-oriented solutions for our customers. Innovation does not mean that we want to reinvent the wheel. We simply want to apply the most modern technical and project organization methods available today.

We are happy to use our knowledge and methods to generate additional benefits for our customers. While current buzzwords like “Industry 4.0”, “digitization” and “artificial intelligence” are more and more part of public awareness, in order to successfully apply these concepts, it must be clear what you actually want to digitize and what concrete benefits you hope to derive from the change. This requires a basic understanding of the processes in the system you are considering. We help you to understand your system and to develop strategies for how you could incorporate the most modern and digital technologies. We prepare everything for your implementation and accompany you through the process up until the successful launch. Lead your company into the 21st century with us.